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Accounting, Reporting & Business Analytics

Aumicus offers outsourced accounting, bookkeeping, management reporting and business analytics at affordable prices. Whether a growing startup or downsizing SME, not all businesses are the same. We know this and prepare bespoke solutions leveraging proven technologies on a single secure platform.

Data analytics

Data will be synced accurately, automatically and securely. Access real time information online from anywhere, on any device.

Core business

Spend less time accounting and more time driving your business. Get the right management information to make informed decisions.

Touch points

Beyond software, at times you will need strategic business advice. Additional touch points can be added on to your solution.

Delivering a seamless integrated accounting solution with AI-driven real-time business analytics 

About Us

Aumicus Limited is a full-service firm providing accounting and operational services for firms on a global basis. The service can be extended to a full CFO service, and we also can deliver real-time data analytics through our in-house platform.

We build our solutions once we have a clear understanding of our clients’ needs and requirements and have developed an in-house modular technology solution allowing us to deliver a secure bespoke offering, designed to meet a client’s specific requirements. Of most importance, our clients never lose ownership or control of their underlying data with our solution evolving over time to ensure that we continue to provide an efficient and seamless service.

Our accounting solution covers data storage, core accounting software, bespoke process and procedures and reporting solution delivered through a variety of dashboards and customisable reports. We provide a full audit trail of all transactions which enables us to be proactive to identify remedial action where necessary.

Our technology offering is an all-in service but can be customised to meet our client’s specific data requirements and can be integrated into our clients existing IT infrastructure.

Startup Support

We are offer FREE consultation services to early-stage startups looking to raise their first funds. In addition to getting your business plan and financials into investable order, we'll invest up to £50,000 in cash and/or on-going consulting services, in businesses that are a good fit for our portfolio.

Business Support

Beyond accounting, Aumicus offers HTML and CSS website design, PHP and Javascript website development, spreadsheet to MySQL database migration, Microsoft 365 Administration and Microsoft Power Platform development. Keep your costs low, your technology current and your data working to drive your business.

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Hear from a client

"Working with Aumicus is like having a CFO with twice the time for half the price. Almost a year on now and I highly recommend their Aumicus Business Insights platform which has helped me understand my business better than ever. Real-time graphs and analytics that can be sliced and diced to reveal useful insights"

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